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November 2016


A Toy Review

November 7, 2016

You know what I love.. free stuff… or discounted stuff but mainly free. Sometimes I get sent stuff to review and I can’t say no… cos have I mentioned it’s free and then I put off writing about the free stuff like it’s weekend homework.

I was asked if I’d like to review some of the top 10 Christmas toys and how could I say no??

photogrid_1478513315367A box arrived last week in the post and it was very pleasing to see it addressed to Fazed and Confused…and I tore up the stairs where the boys were playing with last years shoddy toys. I placed the box in the centre of the room and said “Santy came!”.. a big mistake; there were tears and regrets.. “but I didn’t give him my list.. I haven’t been really good… I didn’t know… where’s the tree?” 

I backtracked and shouted FREE TOYS!!!!

There were 3 toys inside and the boys very patiently sat and got their picture taken before I opened each one. Conall (8) loped off back to his laptop, deciding that the toys were too babyish for him…. in fairness he doesn’t play anything that doesn’t involve a screen.

Koray (5) and Rian (3) were ecstatic and I opened the biggest one first to calm them down.

Blaze and the Monster Machines Monster Dome Playset2016-11-07-10-35-03

Blaze is a relatively new phenomenon and has taken over from Paw Patrol in Rian’s affections. It was similar to a Hot Wheels set but a lot easier to put together. In fact Koray was well able to assemble/ disassemble the tracks. There are no batteries required and you simply slam on the lever for the car to do do a loop-de-loop or jump through the (plastic) ring of fire. They got a lot of fun from this set and the bonus was that the two of them could play at the same time… I’m not saying they didn’t fight (mainly over who got to be Blaze) but for them.. it was a definite success. This is currently on the Smyths website for €29.99 (reduced from €39.99). Here’s a link to the two boys test driving it.

WWE Zombies


While my boys have never been wrestling fans.. unless inadvertently wrestling each other for the last slice of pizza.. they are fans of the macabre. Koray loves Plants Vs Zombies and likes walking around slack jawed with his arms out chanting “brains”… like the above pose. 20161027_163004-1He was a little disappointed as the figure’s hand was detachable but proved impossible to attach back on. I could see him collecting these though and they’re 3 for 2 at the moment and €21.99 in Smyths so I may stock up soon for Christmas… the more gruesome the better.

Disney Cars Mack Truck Playset


Rian was very excited with this having long been an admirer of Lightening McQueen and the gang. This is quite fragile and wouldn’t suit all kids but Rian is very patient and likes things just so and he was delighted clicking everything into place and I watched him act out some great imaginative play… the holy grail for a generation hooked on Netflix and Minecraft. 20161027_162656-1I thought that small cars would be provided but they have to be bought extra, luckily Rian has tonnes of dinky cars and they fit in the truck nicely. This toy is currently retailing at €22.49 (RRP €29.99) in Smyths.

Thanks so much to Karleen and Mattel toys. I do also love foreign holidays and large house renovations.